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Joe Pontecorvo  Producer / Cinematographer / Writer
Joe Pontecorvo is an award-winning producer, writer, and cinematographer. His passion  for the natural world has taken him around the globe - tracking Siberian tigers in the Russian Far East, living among grizzlies in the wilds of Alaska, and following orangutans through Indonesia’s peat swamp forest. Over the past twenty years Joe has produced numerous wildlife documentaries for networks including: PBS, National Geographic, and The Discovery Channel. 
For his most recent project, PBS Nature’s Snow Monkeys, Joe and Nim spent nearly two years filming a troop of Japanese macaques in Japan’s Shiga Highlands. The film showcases an intimate portrait of troop life, seen through the eyes of a young snow monkey named Hero. In 2015 Snow Monkeys won two Emmy awards: Best Nature Documentary, and Best Cinematography. 

Joe also produced The Last Orangutan Eden for PBS Nature. The documentary explores Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem, the last refuge for the Sumatran orangutan. The film highlights the work of conservationist and their efforts to save the Sumatran orangutan from extinction. The film has been widely praised for its conservation message.
Nimmida Pontecorvo   Cinematographer / Location Sound 
Nimmida Pontecorvo is an experienced cinematographer and sound recordist.  Her adventurous spirit and keen eye for wildlife has taken her to some of the most remote corners of the globe. Nimmida braved the frigid cold of the Alaskan Arctic to film polar bears on the ice, and faced the treacherous peat swamp forests of Indonesia to capture rare Sumatran orangutans using tools. 

Nimmida recent work includes additional camera and sound on: PBS Nature’s Bears of the Last Frontier, Snow Monkeys, and The Last Orangutan Eden.